30 and 31 Monthly Newsletter

Dearest Goober,

I missed last month. That means this newsletter is for months thirty and thirty-one. I missed your 2 ½ year old month. I feel badly about it, but so much has gone on that I feel like I am on a tilt-a-whirl (my favorite amusement park ride.) The twirling and whirling have been insane and maybe this summer it will stall a little, maybe slow down just a bit.

You are still not toilet trained. This is a source of contention for me. I feel like you should be. I know you have the ability and it seems that you are just lazy and stubborn. When Rhayn’s school gets out, if you aren’t ready by then, I will attempt to let you run bottomless during the day. I may have to clean up pee and poo, but if it makes you understand the potty and using it, I will gladly do that. Plus, you get it, you even know how to sit on the potty and make yourself pee. Why won’t you just do it all of the time?

Last month you were really fussy and gained a new molar, the upper right hand molar. You have an odd number of teeth right now. But after it broke through you really did calm down and become much nicer to everyone.

You crack me up with your questions. But sometimes I get so frustrated because you will point at something and just cry, and whimper. I can’t tell if you want something or what, but you refuse to tell me what is going on. I know you could tell me at least the color of what you are pointing at and that would help me decipher your grunts.

Daddy is gone again. The first few days he was home to visit you were velcroed to his side. It was like you were afraid if you let him out of your sight, he might disappear. We have to look at pictures of him pretty often, because you ask to see your Daddy. You also talk about him, telling everyone “My Daddy is at a-work.” I suppose that is how you have to deal with it and therefore it is the best thing for you to do or say.

After a few months of going to the YMCA child care, you are really starting to look forward to it. We try to go twice a week, Monday and Friday. You also are getting to go while Rhayn is at soccer practice. You love it, asking to “go pway” when you see that we are near the YMCA. This is going to make it easier for you in the fall when I go back to college and you are in daycare a few days a week. I had been really dreading that. Dropping Rhayn off when she was 2 ½ was really difficult. I would tear up as I drove to work. I hated having to work and not being with her during the day. I know it will be hard on us both, but so worth it. I know that you will benefit from being around other children, too.

I am constantly amazed by you. Your independence and also your innocence. Your love. Your artistic ability. Your left-handedness.

My Sweet Baby,
I love you.

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