Does it ever end?

I had a melt down. The whole world seemed against me last night.
I spent the day out, hung with a friend talked, laughed, all of that. I went to target and picked up some great outlet and light switch covers. (Clearance! Yeah! Baby!)

But when I got home, the internet was out. GASP! I was supposed to email Will something, and get the scanner to work. Instead I ran up and down the stairs to the modem trying to get the internet to work. After a little while, I was bawling because I felt so inadequate. This had happened when Will was home, he unplugged the box, it rebooted and WAH! LAH! internet. For me? No. It didn't work. I tried countless times, and finally had to call Qwest for a repair. He couldn't do anything over the phone, and confirmed that there was no internet, then scheduled a guy to come out in the morning and fix it. I totally lost it, and cried, sinking into the floor. Lonely.

I texted Will, because I am just that tech savvy. (Haha, it takes me forever to text anyone. I am so bad at it.) Told him that the internet was out and I would love to talk to him. I really wanted to hear his voice, a gentle reminder that I am not alone. But it was also soccer practice night (Go soccer mom) and I needed to get Rhayn over there. I almost forgot to feed them dinner. They had a bowl of cold cereal because their mama was so worried about the internet that she couldn't make a nice hot meal. Bad mama.

The coach said the whole team was having a rough day, and wasn't listening very well. Gwennie was awful during practice, climbing on everything. I was on the verge of crying, barely holding it in with all of my power.

We get home at seven. Finally, I think. I can relax, I can lay on the couch and snuggle Gwennie, and watch a movie. I can eat now. There is a message on the machine, Will called. His voice sounds calm, and even though I would have loved to talk to him, just hearing it makes me feel better. I think it is finally rest time.

Nope. Instead, Rhayn pukes. She makes it into the bathroom, but that means that my nice relaxing night is not ready yet. I put her to bed, and at eight finally sit down.

Fast forward to five in the morning. Gwennie wakes me up, "Mama I peepee" her diaper smells strongly like ammonia. Her urine was concentrated, and is burning her a little. I get a diaper and change her. I have the light on she says, and this is totally out of character for my little nyctophobic girl, "I want it dark." She must have been exhausted to ask for darkness. Usually she whimpers if no one is touching her when it is dark. I turn off the light climb back into bed and snuggle her. Only moment later I feel panicked. I FORGOT the tooth fairy! Rhayn had lost a tooth at school the day before. There is a tooth sitting in her tooth fairy pillow on her nightstand. The tooth is still there. Grumbling I get out of bed, and grab some money (four quarters) and exchange the tooth. Now, the tooth fairy has given her cool things before- a little tooth necklace sewn out of felt and a Sacagawea Golden Dollar. Her second tooth was a fifty cent piece and a bracelet.

As I entered the hallway to walk to her room, the smell of vomit was stifling. She had thrown up all over her bathroom floor. My fault, I usually put a bucket by her bed in case she needs it. I had totally been slacking in the mom department the night before. But I was not about to clean it up then. Instead I climbed into bed again and attempted sleep. Lets just say, I should have gotten up at five and been done with the night. Maybe I could have gotten something done. But remember, my internet was out, so I would have to do something else.

Morning finally dawns, and the dog is whining and the sun is shining in my eyes. I get up, make some oatmeal for the girls and come up to check my computer. I needed to do some things that do not involve the internet and I figured I would do those, while I waited for the Qwest guy. Only the internet is working this morning! HooRay!

I am not leaving the house today, we are resting and doing laundry and probably cleaning bathrooms. Fun day.

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Amie said...

oy, when it rains, it pours~

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