Day Dreaming in Green

I am irritated.
It was hot today. I just turned on the air conditioner because the thermostat upstairs read 86. 86! HOT. If I hadn't been so lost in a book that I could barely think past that world, maybe I would have come up and turned the air on earlier. That would have been the smart thing since right now it is so hot my butt is sweating while I type. Yes, it is gross, but true.

I had a brilliant idea today. Nothing life altering, but it would make looking out of my back window easier on me. As of this moment my backyard is a dirt lot with a few trees thrown about. It has foxtails everywhere. The girls keep bringing them into the house and they are poky little buggers. It is my own fault that the yard looks as it does. I should have cleaned it up weeks ago. I knew what would happen, but when we were getting rain the plants were so green and it made me happy to glance into a lush green backyard. Now I regret letting them go. I could have avoided this. Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda.

I was at Costco today and stood looking at the synthetic grass. I have heard many good things about it. The only bad I have heard is that it gets hot. Well, that makes sense. You spray a little water on it, and it cools off, or so I have been told by someone who has had it for a few years. Now I don't want a huge patch of it. Maybe even just the twelve by seven foot piece they sell at Costco, would be enough. I want our backyard to look like a place to play. I want the girls to have a place to dig, and a place to run, possibly even a place to swing. (Not saying I personally could build that third link, but it would be awesome, no?)

I spent the afternoon day dreaming about the possibilities in our backyard. I even drew a few pictures of what I would like it to look like. There is a guy in our neighborhood who does landscaping, and maybe I should call him and get an estimate of what it would cost to have him put in a sandbox and the rock, as well as cleaning out the weeds. I am positive that it will cost more than I am willing to pay, but it needs to be done. I can't do this without Will, well I probably could (having strapping brothers who are the best guys in the world.) If only it were already done. If only we had done it long ago. We actually planned to get the rock put in this year, but credit cards and army has kind of put it on the back burner.


Mo said...

This heat is awful isn't it? Can't believe that it has started so early this year, only hope it cools back down for a while longer. I have so far resisted turning the AC on, but we only hit 84 degrees yesterday which is pretty much my limit, any higher and I too would have succumbed. Can't bear to think of the long, hot months ahead sealed inside!

Good luck with the garden plans! It is SO fun to plan these things isn't it? Trees are always a good start, as well as rocks. We don't have any big rocks in our yard but I would like some.

leaner said...

We have some trees. Mesquites grow really fast.

I want a few big nice boulders, the kind you stand on and yell "I am the king of the mountain."

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