Hairy Berry Bushes

Does anyone remember Monday? I don't. I am pretty sure I worked out and possibly we went to Costco? But really that is all I remember. Did I post on Monday (I looked and yes, yes I did)? Did that day really happen?

Tuesday was painful. I mean, actually Wednesday was painful because of what I did on Tuesday. You see, I have wanted a creosote bush for a long time. These things are the reason the desert smells just so when it rains. They have hairy berries and when we were kids that is what we called them "hairy berry bushes." Honestly I didn't know their proper name until a few years ago. I tried unsuccessfully to "steal" one out of the desert earlier this year and have two creosote sticks to prove that it was a failed attempt. Instead, I looked at a nursery. They had a few nice looking bushes and I asked the price. $14.95. I could handle that so I purchased two and headed home with my new, wonderful smell.

I placed them in the yard, and decided I wanted them close to the back door, to optimize the smell. I started to dig. Only I had forgotten that we live in the desert and our yard is like digging in concrete. Packed, rocky, hard soil. In fact, to dig I had to get out the pick ax. I dug two holes, two twelve inch deep probably twelve inch across holes. Frankly I know I should have dug them deeper. I should have filled them with water, and let it soak into the soil (ha! more like brick) a while and dug them out more. Only I didn't. I was done digging and I wanted my beautiful bushes placed in their new homes.

I am so glad I did it. But that is why this morning I had trouble picking up my, nearly thirty pounds of love, Gwennie Goo. That is why moving too quickly makes me wince in pain. Tight and sore. My upper body aches. But there is just a little more greenery in my backyard. Lovely, aromatic greenery.

Next up? My sandbox. Who wants to help me with that?

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Mo said...

Love, love, love Creosote! I have a few that are growing well now though the first few I bought I totally over watered and they died. (Pretty dumb considering they are native and don't need much/ any water!!!) Anyway, I too LOVE the smell, and the way they look. They get HUGE too.

I can relate to the concrete-like ground here as well. Coming from England this was yet another shock. I guess it
is really OK though as you do get a full body work out as well as few plants in the ground. Two for the price of one :)

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