On the Phone

Will made sure to call early enough to talk to the girls today. They enjoyed talking to him. He first talked to Rhayn, while Gwen tried to grab the phone. She told him all about how Grandpa lost the dogs and babies. She told him about Prunella Plus (she is the addition sign in their math block at school.)
Gwen told him about the sun, and how it was looking at her. She discussed the dogs with him, also.

We are watching Hailey, while dacheese is in Hawaii with her husband and JVA and SLA. (Sooo not fair. Pout Pout.) Hailey is sweet, and the girls adore her. I think it will be hard to give her up at the end of her visit. Lily is enjoying her a little. She prefers her best bud Big Ole Blue. She also likes JVA's chocolate lab, Bella. Hailey is too small to rough play with her like she really enjoys. I am trying to give Hailey a longer name, Lily is "Lily Lou Lickington." I am thinking "Hailey Ann McStinkeybreath", "Hailey Ann VonBrownfur" or something like that. I just like having a long name. Gwen doesn't call Lily "Lily" usually she calls her "Li-keen-tun" seriously ask her what her dog's name is she how she responds. (I also tend to call her Lickington more than Lily, because it is like yelling the kid's full name when they are bad. It makes it sound more important, I think.) Blue isn't just Blue, he is Big Boy BahLOO, or Big Old BahLoo Boy. All I really know is that it will be an interesting week with two dogs.

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