In Which I Get New Specks

I wear glasses for myopia. I love how I can see things, like THE LEAVES on that TREE two blocks away when I wear them. I also avoid the optometrist because I avoid all doctors unless I am dying (or I have internet diagnosed myself with an illness that is going to be the end of me, ah the drama.) I like the dentist, even though my teeth ache more now, and sometimes bleed. I still go every six months.

Back to glasses. I went yesterday, bribing Gwen with a treat of ice cream afterwards, if she would be good while we were there. She was, so very good. She sat in the exam room, quietly, watching. But it was dark and she is scared of that. The doctor came in, and checked my eyes. He had me look in the weird machine while he adjusted lens strength to show me my current prescription and the one he was going to give me. A stronger prescription. Not a lot, but still, I have had the same one for years, since eighth grade I think.

I asked him if it was because I hit thirty last year. "Its usually forty that is the big one," he replied laughingly. Alright, so it isn't my age, then what is it that made my eyes worse than two years ago when I last bought new glasses? Who knows, but after a few hours I left Eyemasters with two new pairs of glasses, and a lighter bank account. I picked two pairs that look jazzy and are different (to me and more so in real life than in these pictures.) Glasses are a fashion statement, and even more of one than your shoes are, right? Most people look first at your face, and your glasses are prominently displayed there. So they have to make you feel pretty, as well as helping you see.

I proceeded to put on the new glasses, and WOW! things are more clear. But also WOW! they totally make me feel dizzy. So, after some internet searching, and talking to a friend at school, I know that sometimes your eyes have to adjust to a new prescription. This can make you feel dizzy, and may give you a headache (joy.) My first prescription didn't do that. So why this time?

(PS Gwennie was a doll the whole time, she received one strawberry milkshake for lunch, which she slurped slowly, savoring the creamy goodness.)
(PSS I know, not the best pictures I have taken of myself. Its just that taking a picture forward is hard. You can see all of the problems on your face... you try it. Take a face front picture and see how great it looks.)

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tif-do said...

Great lookind glasses... you definiatly made good choices... but mostly I'm jealous of Gwennies big milkshake.

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