MamaMonday: Sense

What is sense?
The Merriam-Webster online dictionary says it is:
: a meaning conveyed or intended : import, signification; especially : one of a set of meanings a word or phrase may bear especially as segregated in a dictionary entry
2 a: the faculty of perceiving by means of sense organs b: a specialized function or mechanism (as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch) by which an animal receives and responds to external or internal stimuli c: the sensory mechanisms constituting a unit distinct from other functions (as movement or thought)

Then there is this thing called "common sense." I think that many people lack that. They don't understand why they aren't slender like a movie star. They can't understand why they have no energy, as they drive through yet another fast food restaurant. Isn't it common sense that eating fatty, no good for you foods= weight gain, that sitting on your couch day after day watching television= no energy and weight gain? There are so many people who don't do the things we need to be healthy and complain constantly about it. They don't exercise and can not understand why their body isn't "perfect."

Then the excuses come, and I am a master at coming up with excuses of why not to exercise. "I don't have time," "It is boring," "I don't know how,' The kids make in impossible." There are so many. I have used them all. Believe me, my husband has been pestering me to years to work out, "you will feel better/have more energy." But how is that possible? If I work out then won't I be tired. The answer to that is- yes. In the beginning you will feel more tired, but after a little while, you will feel energized. You will feel better.

I feel so much more alive, and happy when I am able to work out twice a week. Maybe someday I will make it more than that. Maybe someday I will work out three times a week and be in great shape. I just know that as I get older, my body needs more. My mind needs more. When I do exercise, even just stretching a few times a day, there is a burst of energy that is required to deal with Will being gone, the girls' never ending battles, and my own internal turmoil.

So, right now, I am taking that initiative and gathering myself and Gwennie Goo and I will work out. I will feel better. I will invigorate my senses.

(This post is not targeted at anyone in particular, so please do not take any offense! It is ramblings and my own realization that once again, my dear husband was right...read that Will? You. Were. Right.)

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