One of the moms at Rhayn's school, P and I were talking last week. She had started using bareMinerals and loved it. She has, as she put it, a six month supply. Being a similar skin tone to her, she said she would give me some to try. How cool is that? I am excited to see how I like it. I have heard great things about it. (Not just from her!)

I haven't ever really noticed a need for foundation, until probably last year. My skin isn't as fresh and smooth and perfect as it was when I was, ahem, twenty. So I had bought some awful foundation that I use when I know a lot of pictures will be taken, or when I am feeling not so pretty. It is alright, the coverage is fine, but I feel like I am wearing a mask.

Give me a few days, and I will probably be singing the praises of this, and making my mom order it! (Mom, I think you should try it out, too!) So, if you read this P, Thank you! I appreciate it more than you know.

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mommabear said...

Leaner, (boy I am soo not used to calling you that!) so glad you really liked the bareMinerals. I haven't followed up since the last time cuz we always get caught up with talking about other stuff...is it still working for you? I can't believe it's been that long ago that I gave that bit to you!


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