Last month I posted a link to a pattern that I wanted to try out. I had purchased fabric and actually sat down and whipped two dresses in no time. I tied a bit of extra fabric around Gwen's waist to make an X, and wow! It was the easiest pattern ever.

I can not wait for Rhayn to open this gift on Christmas. I have had a hard time NOT giving it to her already.

A while ago a women came and did a Waldorf Doll making workshop at the school. I didn't get to go, but I purchased a kit from the office. As I spent the morning feeling ill if I was up walking around (bad migraine) I thought I would get my mind off it of a little by starting the doll. I actually finished him/her! All he/she needs are clothes and a name. She/he is going to be a gift for Grandma C this Christmas.

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tif-do said...

You are so talented... very cute.

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