Den of Illness

We are all sick. Well maybe Gwennie isn't. But I am, Will is, and Rhayn has a water faucet for a nose. This is putting a damper on our annual trip to visit Will's brother. Usually we welcome the new year at their house (where we actually make it to midnight, versus at home where we totally fall asleep at ten.) I still want to go, and keep thinking- this illness isn't too bad, is it? Chances are they won't get it, right?

Yet, I would be mad if they brought an illness to our house. Their house is so sunny and airy and it feels like germs don't live in every speck of dust like they do at our house.

Sigh, so we will see. Cross your fingers that we all feel like new people by this afternoon, ok?

1 comment:

tif-do said...

may your family be free of the ickies so you can welcome in the new year... with out feeling like poo. Love ya!

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