Curry and Lights

It was curry night.
We used to go out for curry on Christmas Eve, then drive around and look at lights. We decided that this year we wouldn't do that. I can not remember what we did last year.

We ate at our favorite Indian restaurant. Their food made me salivate throughout being pregnant with Gwennie. I would crave the raita and chutneys. I would easily put away two servings of raita at one sitting. (It is mostly yogurt with some vegetables, so I suppose there worse things to crave, like Big Macs.) Tonight the food was spicy but so delicious.

After the meal, we drove around Will's old stomping ground looking at Christmas lights. Will even told me I am allowed to buy up to $100 worth of clearance lights for next year. And He. Will. Put. Them. Up. Hooray! I attempted lights this year, and it is just sad. For one thing, our tree is still a baby and looks sad with lights on it. And well, I am just not good at it. In my family it was the guys' job to decorate the outside of the house with lights. So next year, maybe we will have a nicely lit up house.

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abeNanna said...

Hope you're out buying those lights today.

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