Quest for Pickles

Although we know that the legend of the Christmas Pickle is NOT really German, (partially from Ender, and his quest to buy one in Germany and from internet searches.) It is a well known legend and apparently Will had been telling his squad about it. He wanted to give them all pickles to hang on their trees. He had mentioned this weeks ago. I guess it didn't register as something we needed imminently. It was, he needed them by Saturday. I went to my local Target, where they no longer had any. Then to Cost Plus. I struck green there, and picked up nine. I already had one at home, and only needed ten. I was looking at them, and realized that I would need boxes for them. We walked around the store and found some Chinese take out boxes in green and red. I also looked at shredded paper, but decided I could shred my own.
Now I only need to find a decent version of the story, and print it off. Then pack the pickles into the take out boxes and I am done.
Then there is the little matter of the white elephant gift, that he only told me of this morning. Geesh...

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purplelurple said...

hey I found a story on this one web page of the pickle
not sure if links but you can copy and paste if you wanna check it out. We are doing this for my sisters, I really like the story.

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