Oh Me, Oh My,

I am exhausted. My whole body aches from not enough quality sleep. My brain feels tired from stress.
Both girls are sick, both girls spent the night and morning throwing up. Rhayn is not keeping anything down. She has vomited so much I am worried about her. Gwen had a few bites of my pizza at lunch, and has held that down. At this exact moment, they are both curled up on the couch sleeping. I just awoke from a nap.
I wish I had something worthwhile to write on here, something about life, love, something comedic. But that would involve brain power, of which at the moment I have none.

On another note, check out this super easy pattern I found to make a princess dress! Cool huh? I will totally be making the girls matching ones for Christmas (not in red, though probably a nice rich purple or majestic blue.)

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