So tired of it

Did any of your kids have separation anxiety? I remember Rhayn going through it for like a minute. Gwen is pretty close to a worst case scenario of it. I keep thinking it is a stage, she will get over it. I know that she is fine if I leave her, but if she knows I am just upstairs, its a screaming at the bottom of the stairs thing. If I put her to bed and then go downstairs to, I don't know, spend some time with Will, I will hear her suddenly wake up screaming. I am sure that once or twice it was a nightmare, because she was inconsolable. Most of the time it is "MA MA! MAAA MAAA!!" and in this high pitched scream I am not sure that her daddy can hear.

I am starting to wonder what is wrong with her. I am starting to wonder if its me, am I fostering this behavior? I half-heartedly tried the No Cry method, but it didn't seem to fit. When she realized that I was trying to get away from her, she grips more tightly. I don't want to spend an hour every night getting her to bed. By the time she falls asleep I have been laying in the dark for so long I am usually asleep, too. Then there is the fact that she is afraid of the dark, and cries about the "Lights ON!" and works herself up about that. We read five books, or more we read Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see? Five times. (Her current favorite book, the other day she couldn't find it and walked around saying "Bown Bear, is gone" in a dejected voice.)

Maybe I am getting ready for PMS, and that is why I just want to scream about it all. I only know that its a darn good thing I am not currently taking a class, and that the weather is cooling off, because I am running short on patience here and those things usually make me even less patient.

I think that Gwennie is going to be a girlie-girl drama queen, and I am not happy about that, at all. (Considering I am neither girlie nor a drama queen.)


tif-do said...

I feel for you. 2 of the girls I watch have major Mommy seperation issues and they cry almost everyday. I get so tired of it, because there is honestly nothing I can do to make it better. Hang in there!

Mid-life Midwife said...

My daughter was a lot like that. It was very tiring and I had many days where I wanted to plug my ears and scream in frustration. I don't have any good advice. It's a lot like contractions, you know? You just keep riding the waves until something different happens. :)
Or in this case, wait until she outgrows this hard stage. I was so happy when I had my son who is very easy going and when he needs someone, almost always cries for his Daddy! So unlike my daughter, who still at 8 y.o. cries for me when she needs something.
Motherwort tincture or tea is really good for those days where you've just had it. It's my personal rescue remedy.

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