Middle Name

I found this meme on another blog, and absolutely adored the idea of it! I know I used the word "every" a few times. You have four Es in your middle name and see what you do (oh, wait, Hairball- you do!) So the idea is that you take your middle name and write something about yourself using each letter of your middle name. I am tagging Hairball for sure I want to see how she does it, see as we have the same middle name and all. I am also tagging Dacheese, Tif-do, Purple Lurple, and my Mom.

Gorgeous, well at least sometimes I think I am, most of the time I feel average.

Every year I deal with depression. I am a determined that it is brought on by the seasonal change, and the fact that it remains over 100 degrees for such a long time.

Not a wall flower, but also not the life of the party. I like to survey the crowd before jumping in to a conversation. Sometimes it takes me a long time to get “into” a scene.

Easily embarrassed, but I think I have learned how to hide it quite well.

Vibrant colors make me happy. After painting our upstairs living space such a lively yellow, I realized that the subdued colors I have chosen for other parts of the house really bring me down, so if it was up to me, I would redo the walls, but it’s not completely, and it’s a lot of work.

Interested in being an author, I posted about this previously.

Every day I try to remind myself how wonderful my kids are, even though I am ready to pull my hair out because they can be so obnoxious.

Viciousness really bothers me. If I see someone in pain, I can feel it too. I have spent days of my life thinking about mean things I have said to others. I have spent countless hours lying in bed trying not to let some injustice that I have seen bother me.

Every time I see a little boy, especially a fairly fresh baby boy with dark eyes, I can feel my uterus moan. I am happy with my girls, they are great, and I totally love them unconditionally, but there is a baby-yet-to-be in my future and he reminds me of that so often.


purplelurple said...

thanks. It was very hard to do cause of the emotions I am still feeling, but I was able to get past those and look at the real me. Thank you for bring a ray of light to me today.: )

abeNanna said...

I finally got it done. love ya.

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