Very much like my mom, I dream of someday writing a book. Not a silly memoirs book (no that comes later, after the fame from my well received, world renowned book or even book series.)

I have attempted to come up with ideas for years. There was the story about a teenage girl, and another about a teenage girl. Once I had a great idea for a story about this woman who has a baby and as the child is born they are transported into a fairy land. I think I made it about a chapter into that one. I hope that that is one that makes it into my finished story list, someday.

But the other day, I came up with the best idea EVER. I am totally not sharing it here, other than to say it is about Beckham and his adventures before Will brought him home, not in a Cat Who Went to Paris by Peter Gethers sort of way, though. It will be fantasy, because I love a good animal Fantasy like Wild Road by Gabriel King. I have yet to make it through Watership Down by Richard Adams, but I had tried to read it a few times. I can't say it is my all-time favorite genre, but it is one of them.

Plus, Beckham was such a special cat, he deserves a book written about him. I have also considered a children's book using the pictures we had taken of him and writing a poem to describe them. That actually might be a good start, too. I can print the picture book off using My Publisher, because they come out quite awesome (and at $12.95 for a 20 page paperback it is not costly.) I had a picture book of Rhayn made for her for Christmas last year. I really wanted to make the children's book for Will for Christmas, but a poem is not coming to me, usually they come fast and furious when I start writing them, so I may still have time.

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