24 Month Newsletter

Dearest Gwendy the Pooh,

You are now twenty-four months old, two whole years have passed since your birth. In some ways it seems like yesterday, in other ways it seems that you have always been with us, tormenting the cats and dog (who has been with us even less time, but what was life like without her?) You favorite book at the moment is Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see? It was one of your sisters favorites when she was about three. She could “read” it to me, and now she “reads” it to you. You still like it best when I read it to you, though. (I do silly voices for each of the animals, and for some reason the Teacher has Snow White’s voice, and she has since Rhayn was a baby.)

Every day I am amazed by what you say. Your sentences are easy to understand (for me.) You love to talk and tell stories. We have conversations, and you love to introduce yourself, and will point at whomever is around “Is mama” “Is Nay Non” “Is my DADDY!” because you can’t just say daddy like you say other things, his name is special, and requires exuberance and joy in the inflection. A month ago when we asked you a question and the answer was yes, you would nod your head and say “Uh HUH!” now however you nod your head and say “Neah!” I am working on getting you to say “yes” (pronounced “yeth”) but you still say “Neah!” first. Daddy doesn’t really like it, because it sounds like “nah” and he thinks you are saying “no.”

The only thing I can complain about is that you are independent now. You will run from me, laughing the whole time. If you don’t want to do something (like get into the car) you will try to twist your body and get away. Luckily for me, you are still small enough that I can pick you up and force you into the carseat. But I can see that it will not be this way for long.

You are a troublemaker, master of climbing and messes. But you also clean up, and will say “Clean up” in a singsong way, as you pick up, say, a pile of cashews you just dropped on the floor. If you find a pen or pencil or crayon you feel the need to draw. You will bring me paper asking for “cuh-ders” and will sit happily for a while drawing lines with your lovely, little left hand. You have no idea how happy it makes me that you seem to favor your left hand. I guess since you don’t look at all like me, at least I know that in personality and handedness you are like me.

For your birthday we had a party at Aunt Meh-Meh’s hours. We had a lot of people there, but many were from her husband’s side, as we were celebrating Madder’s birthday as well. There was good food, although it seemed that there was a lot of chicken from KFC. You didn’t mind, because you love chicken. Meh-Meh and I helped you and Madder open presents. You seemed to get a little more into it than Madder, but still we spent a bit of time calling you both back. As usual Aunt SLA and Uncle JVA gave a great gift. You adore your pop-up tent house. (And so does Miss Lily Lickington!) I had found a Wonderpets DVD and bought it for you. You helped me to wrap it, yet when you unwrapped it, there was clear excitement in your face. You carried it around and showed everyone in the crowd your “Un-Nuh Peth!” Maybe next year we will spend more time in the planning stage of the party, and get the invites in the mail. Both your aunt and I were guilty of not sending them out. When we set the cake out in front of you and Madder, Madder tore into her cake, like she knew what she was doing. You tasted your cautiously, and waited for a spoon to eat it.

On the way to the party we had a few errands to run, first we had to pick up the cake and then we needed to stop off at the mall and see Daddy’s friend Jordan. He works for T-Mobile and was switching us over to a pre-paid mobile phone (because we never use anywhere near the minutes we have on our Verizon phones.) While we were there, you threw the biggest, baddest two year old fit. I had to carry you under my arm, kicking and screaming out to the car. Where we sat and waited. It was miserable, but I couldn’t help but laugh through it, being your birthday and all.

What a short two years it has been, and I will mourn the loss of my baby. However I am truly enjoying the toddler you have become and am looking forward to meeting the girl you will become.

I love you, forever.

Your Mama

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