How was your weekend? Apart from yet another cold, we had a good one. I redid the upstairs "toy" room in our house. I painted it yellow and chocolate brown.

Saturday I hung out with a friend, we went to breakfast then had pedicures. After that she took me home because she needed to head home for a bit. I ran out and took my final for my medical terminology class. (I managed a 75% on the test.) After that she picked me back up and we drove all over town running errands for her wedding that is taking place in November. It was so fun, to be carefree, and just be around someone and not talk about our kids the whole time. (Although I enjoy that, too.)

Sunday I painted, and painted, and painted some more.

Monday was a holiday, so we left the house and went to the Desert Botanical Garden for the Mariposa Monarcha (monarch butterflies.)

Today Rhayn had off from school. Its a good thing, too, because she and Gwen are sick. They have nasty colds and fevers and green-stuffy-nosed-boogery faces. I painted the half wall in our toy room a color called bear rug. It is really dark, and rich, and almost too much. I am pretty sure it will become the undercoat of a faux finish at some point. I also did five loads of laundry and fixed the drip system. Whew, I accomplished A LOT today. And it feels good.


... said...

I am glad you had a GOOD weekend! Scott and I both worked monday!

tif-do said...

I would like to see a picture of the rooms you painted

Amie said...

wow, 5 loads of laundry! you sure got a lot done...I agree with Tif--we need pictures. =)

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