A VERY Sick Kitty

I don't know what to do.

For a few weeks, the Best Kitty EVER, has been acting sick. He was puking and it was just bile. Then he started to lose weight. Last night we noticed that his chest was hard and that he was having a hard time breathing.

He has Feline Leukemia Virus. He is a very sick kitty and we can only make him comfortable as he dies. This is contagious, too. There is a pretty good chance our other cats will develop it and die as well. Maybe not right now, maybe it will take them a few years.

I can not get a hold of Will. I need to talk to him... I have already had an hour to process this all. I must say it is not getting easier, it is not getting better. But I am getting numb.


... said...

I am so sorry... I can not imagine.

purplelurple said...

I am so sorry

Amie said...

oh dear, so sad that it's contagious too! sorry Leaner!

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