RIP Beckham

We had to put him down.

As I was posting earlier, Will was on his way home. He is sick with a cold, so they let him come home early. When he came in, I told him the news. Then we decided to go and pick Rhayn up from school, so that she could say goodbye.

We headed to the vet, and all gave him a last snuggle. Will stayed in the room with him so he wouldn't be alone. At 10:30 am 7 September 2007, our sweet boy cat went to sleep, never to wake up.

We buried him in our front yard (we have a digging type dog, and didn't want to find Beckham's body.) I have been crying all morning, it is so hard to imagine. Never again will I hear him purr, or meow, or feel his sweet body on the pillow above mine at night. But it is for the best, there was nothing we could do.

The vet also said, it only LOOKS like Leukemia, the only way to know for sure is to test. We will take our other two furrballs in for that test in a few weeks. For now, we are just processing this death.


... said...

I am so sorry. I am crying reading this. I hope that your other cats will be ok. We will all miss you sweet boy!

JadaInnovations said...

poor kitties. there is a bad kitty sickness vibe going around. Hopefully everyone else will be okay.

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