Gwennie knows how to use the potty. She knows when she needs to go... IF she is naked. She hasn't peed on the floor in weeks. But once a diaper is on her... she gladly pees and poops in that!

So why won't she fully potty train? Just now she was playing in the other room, and suddenly ran in here. "I need go poo." Then she sits down on her potty and WOW! poop! (yes, she is playing in the other room in the nude. So? She likes to be naked, it means less clothes to wash, and less diapers.)

Sometimes when we are out she tells me, and will stay dry all morning. But why no consistency? Why?!

I am alright with either way, potty trained or no. Its just the not knowing if she wants to or not. It is frustrating!

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... said...

Madders is not even close to potty training.

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