More Tragedy

A really good friend of Rock's shot himself today. He was the guy who gave us Lily Lou Lickington. I feel a numbness, because I didn't know him very well, but he seemed like such a together person. He had issues, but who doesn't? Why would you kill yourself? What would make life so bad that you can not go on with it?

I just feel so fortunate that -
a) I love my life. I can not fathom ending it, even when I am totally depressed.
b) The people I have been friends with have not be suicidal. I have been lucky to have friends who were quite happy, and saw the brighter side of life, not matter what. I know that since Will and I have been together this is the second of their friends who has been shot, and probably the second suicide (although the first looks like it may have been murder.)
c) My husband is stable, he loves us and would never do anything like this to those who love him.

Geesh- and although this isn't depressing like death, I just (like as I was typing this) got a call from my cousin who said he is moving to Oregon/Washington. Grrr... in like two weeks. I am so sad about that. Sigh. I am really going to miss him, I hope he has a great life up there, with our cousin Alex's Human. (**Really moving to Washington, he mentioned Portland when we were on the phone, and never having been to those states, sadly, they are hard to distinguish for me.)

I swear that I have some good, happy posts in me. I have been so busy lately that I have been seriously neglecting my blog. Hopefully I will get some time this weekend to write. I need it. It is therapeutic to me.

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Alex's Human said...

I've known a few people who have struggled and continue to struggle with depression that is this serious. Unfortunately, there is still such a stigma in getting help for mental problems since so many people have the, "everyone has issues. get over it" attitude.

I know that's not how you meant it, but sadly, that's often how people are treated. But for some, the ability to get over it, just isn't there.. Hopefully more people will find it in them to talk about these things and, in understanding, will be able to find the help they need. After all, it's the people who are left behind who often get hurt the worst. I know how it affected my sis-in-law's life after her brother killed himself almost two years ago. The unresolved feelings that she deals with will probably never go away..

Oh, and this is me doing my happy dance :) It's Washington, by the way, (though he'll be working in OR) and this just means that you'll have another reason to come visit someday :)

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