Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

Yeah, brassieres. Shopping for them is ALMOST as awful and stressful as shopping for a swimsuit. (My least favorite activity in the world!) But they are essential for me. As a teenager and in my early, pre-child twenties, I rarely wore a bra. I loved my boobies, and they were high, perky, and a large A-cup (or small B.) I scoffed at women with bra woese, especially a good friend of mine with DDs.

Enter pregnancy. My boobs prepared to make milk by expanding in size to a small D-cup. After birth it was more of a DD. Since my first child did not nurse, they went down fairly quickly. However the damage was done. My perky, happy boobies now resembled oranges in a pair of socks. A bra was a necessity if I wanted to do any physical activity. I lived in sports bras because they kept the girls firmly in place. After time my boobs shrank to a large B.

The second pregnancy comes about and breastfeeding becomes my mission in life. My boobs once again swell like a sponge in water. I buy a few bras during pregnancy to accommodate the size change, and since it is summer keeping them from drooping across my already heated up abdomen was important.

After she was born, I was lucky enough to attend a training for clerks who fit bras (namely nursing bras) as a model. Medela paid the models $80 and gave us a free nursing bra for our time. I was measured at 30 or 32 DD. Medela was discontinuing the 30D in most styles. I guess those of us who are smaller are not the norm.

I have used that bra and two others I purchased from Medela throughout the past twenty two months. But a month ago I got out an old bra from before I was pregnant and it fit (cup wise) and put my boobies so high up, I felt like a young hottie. I wanted that feeling more. So it became my mission to find a perfectly, comfortable, fitting, lifting bra.

I tried Victoria's Secret. They are the bra authorities, at least I thought. They actually measured me a 34C, which made me laugh, but I tried on their arsenal of 34C bras. None fit well. In fact they were all uncomfortable. I looked around the store and found the ONLY 32C, and attempted to wear it. Yuck. I was spilling out of the cups.

Since the mall I was in had a Macy's, I figured I would try them out. Victoria's Secret bras run around $40 and I was willing to spend that there, why not try Macy's outrageously priced merchandise? Well they had a few options in the 32D department, and I tried them all. Their bras were priced similarly to every where else I looked, ranging from $15 for $60. I ended up with a Calvin Klein t-shirt bra. I have it on right now, and it is perfect. It also came with a free matching panty! How much greater could it get?

I know that bras are like shoes. After many years of buying cheap bras and shoes I found that these are items I must spend money on. I am always happier if I find a perfect fit not thinking as much about the price. Shoes and bras are staples in our wardrobes, we should treat ourselves with ones that make us happy.

Besides, having my girls up high and happy, makes me feel better which makes me feel less depressed, which makes me a better mom, and in turn makes me kids act better, which helps with depression, too. It also makes me feel sexier, which makes me want to be intimate more and that helps Will and I feel more connected, which also helps with depression.

And it was bought for $40. A small price to pay, don't you think?


tif-do said...

Congrats on the new bra. A good fitting bra makes a world of difference.

Amie said...

It is totally an important thing! It's great for your back and posture, too. And it doesn't hurt that self-esteem too! ;)

abeNanna said...

Just wish they had ones specially made for us old people who need to roll em up so they can be high and perky........

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