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I came upstairs to read the last bit of Harry Potter. It just is not happening. Our roommate is a guitar player, he is actually really good at it, and he practices. A. Lot. So at the moment I am listening to him, instead of reading.

I would rather be reading.

I have another post about the theme listen in my head, but for now, I need to go downstairs and away from the guitar, because I can not think clearly while he rocks out.

Its like being at a concert, and trying to really listen to someone next to you. Your head sort of throbs because of the volume, and your eyes vibrate in their sockets. It is not pleasant and you wonder why you came to this show. This reminds me why I do not go to concerts anymore. That and I am lame, and not the cool punk rocker I once was. My hair is a boring brown (but there is a spot of blue in it, that is supposed to be purple.) My clothes are "mom" clothes. I am dull, but I love my life, and my kids, and I am not sure I ever really liked watching bands play anyway.


Alex's Human said...

There is a HUGE difference between wanting to listen to something and having to listen..

Feeling so very bad for you.. When I lived in Tucson, the guys in the next apartment had a band. I couldn't tell you if any of them could play or even what kind of music it even was.. There was no way to escape from it.. And that alone made it was the worst noise EVER! (well, aside from the ice cream truck that used to plague my neighborhood. odd, he hasn't been around this summer.. not that i'm at all going to complain.. I could be in my basement attempting to sleep and hear it a half dozen blocks away!)

Being as you referred to his playing as rocking out, I assume he's playing the electric guitar with an amp?? If so, can't he use headphones so he alone will be subject to his lovely music?? Or just tell him to turn the crap down?? It is your house...

And you, cuz, are far from "lame"..

tif-do said...

So bizarre, I was actually so meanly woke up by my neighbor naughty boys and their electic guitars this morning. I could of killed them, and their parents.

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