I sit at my computer, as usual lost in other peoples' lives while reading blog after blog. I hear Rhayn ask "Mom? Is this a boy-gina?"

My head turns quickly, to look at what she is referring to. Oh, its a book I borrowed from the library. It has a cartoon drawing of a naked man.

A few weeks ago Rhayn told Will that he needed to (not an exact quote mind you) "go back into my belly to make her baby brother." So I was at the library today and saw this book, Where Willy Went... and knew it would be a good idea to borrow it.

I want her to have a decent idea of how babies are made and this book looked alright. I am sure it will bring questions, but that is ok. I think it might be easier to tell her about it now, at six than when she is a teenager. I talk to her about periods and the like, too. I want her to feel comfortable and I want to feel comfortable talking about sex. Also I want her to know the proper names for the sex organs. (I wasn't sure what to call the girl part, so I said vagina. Rhayn calls it her "gina" with a J sound. But she forgets what the boy part is called.)

I guess its good that she didn't call it a Mangina because I can tell you that I would not have been able to control the laughter. I can actually feel it bubbling up just thinking about it. I didn't know it was the first two of those definitions. I thought it was just the third. Hmmm, learn something new every day!

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