A good friend of mine had her baby last night. I am so excited for her. She has a six year old daughter (in Rhayn's class) and a fifteen or sixteen month old daughter. The baby is a boy, which was a big excitement, because as she said, "We don't peek in that package" so it was a surprise.

Last night I got a call around seven pm, by one of her friends. We had made a phone tree to that while she was in labor we could all be thinking of her. We were given candles and instructed to light them. I think that I fell asleep hoping she was alright, because I had awful dreams about her baby.

All week long she has been saying "Friday is the day" both of her girls were born on Friday. How neat to add a third child and it was also born on Friday? Will all three be loving and giving? Like the song says? I know that both Rhayn and I are Tuesday children, and we are so far from graceful.

I hope that when we decide to have another baby I will have the love and support that she had. I hope that also we will have a baby boy. I plan on totally "not peeking in the package." (I know I tried that with Gwennie, but this time... I really want to. I will NOT let Will talk me into peeking.)

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