Pink Eyes and Pink Comforters

Sick again. I swear that is the thing I write most. This time it is pink eye. Gwennie must have picked it up either at Bookmans or the mall play area. It is affecting both her eyes, and last night she had a fever along with her runny green filled nose. Yuck. (She is just starting to show the symptoms in the top picture, in the bottom picture she has drawn on her face with pink marker and had a different kind of "pink eyes.")

Saturday night we went to a Diamondback game. They played the Padres (yeah- I think its San Diego? But not sure.) It was a lot of fun to hang out as a family. Will gets tickets to games pretty often, and sure they weren't the best seats, but we could see the game very well, and had an decent seat for the after game fireworks. They won, which made the mood of the game even better. D-backs were losing when we got there, but they pulled a 5-4 win in the end.

I really could not care less about sports. Seriously, but the mood of a good game and having the girls there, made it fun. Gwennie loved clapping along and Rhayn made a friend with a 6 year old boy sitting by us.

Last week I purchased a twin bed on Craigslist. My goal is to move Gwennie into it slowly, which shouldn't be too difficult, considering it is just on my side of the bed. Maybe if she isn't touching me all night, she won't be trying to nurse. all. night. The first night was a total bust. Then she became sick and has cried all night long, so a boob is the only way we have been able to sleep.

She knows it is her bed. Rhayn and I even bought a comforter for her (it was clearanced to $6.50 from $30 because it had been washed.) Rhayn wanted to trade her because the new comforter is two shades of pink and her old one is green. So we decided to give Gwennie first choice between the two. Happily for both girls, Gwennie said "Geen!" and pointed at the green one. She loves to climb into her bed and snuggle under her covers. Its too bad she refuses to sleep there!

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Amie said...

Good luck, she'll get the hang of it soon enough! (and then you'll miss her!)

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