Cousins, what a great thing to be!

My mom wanted to take Rhayn and Bethie out today. The only problem was that she was watching Madder. This did not even seem an issue to me, as I adore Madder, and so does Gwennie. I love watching her because its like pretending I have twins, and they play together, sort of.

These are some chatty kids! They would talk to each other. One would ask the other a question, like Gwennie would say, "Doggy?" with so much inflection it makes your heart melt, and Madder answers, "Yeah!" There was so much enthusiasm in that one word. I rarely have that much enthusiasm in my whole day, let alone one word. They babbled on and on to each other. I wonder if like on Rugrats they really understand one another. Wouldn't that we neat?

While she was here, Madder enjoyed puppy kisses, and Gwennie kisses. She tried out Gwennie's cloth diapers (yes, even though she is half the size, they fit Madder's cute, teeny, tiny bottom too.) She didn't seem to mind them, and their butts looks so cute, all padded, chasing each other around and around my new ottoman, our kitchen island, the dining room table, and back again.

Most of all, I noticed that these little girls are turning into just that, little girls. And its happening so fast that none of us has really noticed it. Look at these girls! Are they babies? Not in the least! They look like the fast moving, independent toddlers that they are. It just makes me want to cry, what sweet little girls they are becoming.


tif-do said...

What a couple of cuties!

dacheese said...

I am glad they got time together. I want her to love gwennie like she loves katy. madders will run and yell katy katy.

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