Nineteen Months

Dearest Gwendy,

I have been so busy living life the past few weeks that the day you turned nineteen months passed me by. We went to the Desert Botanical Garden that morning, and you really enjoyed the butterflies this time.

Your vocabulary has expanded exponentially. In fact last week you started using two word sentences. I love it. You said “Bup, Pee!” (Up, please) Since then you have asked me “Dih-der go?” (Where did sister/Rhayn go?) “Peese Mommy?” (Please mommy, but not sure I think you wanted to nurse.) Everyday there is something new you tell me, something new you have to say. You also say “Goggy” but it could mean one of at least three things that I know of, most common, doggy, or broccoli, or even Rocky.

You run now, like there is nothing stopping you. It is adorable as you try to keep up with sister on the playground, your paddling feet lifting so quickly.

Two is only around the corner now. I can see the two year old in you, as you laugh while running in the opposite direction. Luckily it has never meant you ran into the street, it’s usually when I want you to come to me to change a diaper, or get ready to go.

I wish you would potty train, in some ways, because every time you poo, if it isn’t changed immediately your poor little bum becomes red and sore. Then it’s a big deal. I think you might be pooing right now, because you went off by yourself. So I need to check. We have gone to using the clothe diapers almost full time. You had a poo the other day that was such a high volume, that it was all over your clothes. I am sure you would wear a size five easily, but we have about a half a pack of fours left that I am trying to use up! Yet, I don't want you to be a big girl. You are still my baby, my little nurse-a-holic baby!

There is so much more that I want to say, but since this is already a week late, and we have been so busy, this month will have to be to the point. There has not be a shortage of picture taking or opportunities this month though! The first picture is of you drinking out of your water bottle (with felted wool cover that I made) while we waited for Rhayn's class to get out one day. The second one is of a butterfly on your hat at the Desert Botanical Gardens, the third is of your pigtails, which lasted a record hour this time. That last picture? I just like it for some reason!

Love always,
Your Mama

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