Me, ME, me and Rhayn, too.

I do not want to be here. I do not want to sit in front of the tv and zone out today. But I have no energy, I have no patience. I can't even imagine getting in the car top drive the four miles to the closest grocery store, let alone do something fun, like the zoo. Did I mention the loneliness? Yeah, I want to talk to someone, but really have nothing to say! Will is gone and our new housemate, too. He is out visiting friends before his serious job searching begins on Monday. (Once he gets a job, he'll try to get a place, and hopefully his daughter, too.) I want someone to come visit me, but I REALLY don't want to spread my germies at all. I am miserable, I surely do not want to make others miserable, too.

Poor Rhayn, she needs some time alone, with me, with her daddy, with anyone. She just needs some one on one attention. Lately she has had serious big sister greens. You know, envy of her little sister. Why does mommy hold little sister all of the time? Why can't mommy read me a story (as Gwen is grabbing the book and throwing her small body across my lap.) Why oh why? Believe me, I would love to have a nice date with Rhayn. Go see a movie, just her and I, and out to eat (with food I could taste!) But this cold dragging on. and Gwen being sick, well it does not make for good quality time with my big girl.

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