Regina Spektor and For One Brief Moment...

I could smell. I was in the shower, and had sneezed and blown my nose. I opened up the vaporub, and I could smell it! I checked my lavender scented soap, IT HAD SMELL! I was so excited. So I went about me washing. Suddenly, I could no longer smell the vaporub on my chest (still could feel it's cooling action, just no smell.) I opened the container, thinking a fresh burst of it would awaken that sense.
I was granted a moments reprieve from my malady, only for it to return in full force.

Since I have been unable to do much this weekend, I have been reading quite a few blogs. It seems that this cold is affecting people all over, and although I feel badly for anyone who has to suffer through it, it feels uniting to know that I am not alone! As I read blog after blog, with mama's talking about stuffy heads, sore throats, sniffles, and cranky children, I just hope we all get better soon!

*ps I think I have an all new cold/illness now. On Friday I was really sneezy and felt tired. Saturday day it was worse. Saturday night it resulted in a 102 temperature and my head felt like it was frying. Some time in the night that fever broke, however my throat hurts more and I am coughing, in fact this feels like that time I have bronchitis while living in Colorado. I am so glad I am not fully addicted to cigarettes anymore, so maybe it will go away more quickly. (That is a post for another day, let me tell you! I have a post in my head started about how smoking, actually I have a lot of posts started in my head!)

Have any of you heard Regina Spektor? If you haven't and you like female singers Dido, Bjork, Tori Amos) You may enjoy her music, check out her website www.reginaspektor.com The first time I heard Fidelity on VH1 (which I really only watch when sick, in fact I CRAZE music videos when I am sick!) I hated it. It was annoying. Then I heard it again, and it was stuck in my head. I listened to it again, and by that time loved it. I bought the album the other day, and although there are some songs that aren't that great, the majority of the album has great sing-a-long songs. Which is one of my criteria for a good album.

I also purchased Dinosaur Jr. Ear Bleeding Country because they were only like my favorite band in High School. In fact I remember have a full on teenager melt down, because I could not go to Lollapalooza 1993 when they played. I was even invited and had a guaranteed ticket that year, but instead we were on family vacation in Yellowstone. (Oh yes Mom, I remember that trip and the serious pouting I did clearly.) Here is a picture of me on said trip, only I an not wearing the shirt I wore the entire trip. (Mom, I don't have a picture of that lovely outfit! It was the shorts worn in this picture with a horizontally striped polo shirt in blue, and white, I think it had a green stripe, also.) In this picture my shoes are monkey boots, they were my boyfriends, so like 2 sizes too big. Nice, huh? No- the best part is I. still. have. them. In my closet, in a box of concert t-shirts that I want to turn into a super cool quilt someday. No, I do not wear them, I just can't seem to through them out! I was so cool, and grungy, and hey? Where is my flannel?


Mid-life Midwife said...

oooo, dreamy Monkey Boots!
oh, the boys I loved with Monkey Boots....

abeNanna said...

I will try and find a pic of you in said shirt. In fact I can see it in my mind. It is at the Dalton Gang hideout or some other place in the midwest. You are standing by a tractor wheel. The other would be the family at morning glory pool in Yellowstone.

Such fashion sense, wonder where you got it from?

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