Sick Sick Sick

I am so tired. I have had this flu/cold for almost a week now. Gwennie seems to be feeling better, but Rhayn is sick. In fact she has been out of school this week. Monday and Tuesday I kept her home, but she was feeling better Wednesday, so we went. But then we got home that afternoon her temperature was up to 102. It has pretty much stayed that way all night and today.
Oh, and I am totally feeling like a pile of walking poo again today. I think we all felt pretty good yesterday morning. Today I want to crawl into a hole and hibernate. (Which is not possible.) I am not stir crazy which is totally how I can tell that I am sick.

I am pretty sure Will is coming down with it. So that ought to make the weekend supremely fun. He is such a baby when sick, and he thinks we should all cater to his whims while he is sick, but when I am, well he can't even remember long enough to not try to play roughly.

Ok, I am headed back to the couch. Hopefully I can find something decent to watch, because I need something mind numbing... a good comedy.


abeNanna said...

We just keep crossing our fingers that we won't get whatever is going around. Gav was sick most of the weekend and is sick again today.

Hope you all feel better soon. Love ya

Amie said...

We are in a very similar situation; had one home sick from school all week, then sent him yesterday, now he's home sick again. I even woke up feeling itchy and scratchy in my throat. We're keeping wal-greens in business! good luck!

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