Because nothing is cuter...than MY baby!


Spinach is delicious, but apparently babies can't digest it, and it comes out the other end looking exactly like it did going in!(Just like corn.)
Just in case you have never seen this face, it is the "OH! I am excited and gonna get you" face! This is the baby of many faces... she is so expressive!
And proof that occasionally Will and I are in the same room.


hairball said...

your sweet baby's head looks huge in the last pic. maybe it is the angle. like that one time when i took a pic of your feet

Alex's Human said...

That looks more like an "oh, there's something in my pants" face.. Cute pics!

leaner said...

yup- its just the angle, hairball.... geesh! i am just glad you are over the foot picture thing... although i like taking pictures of baby feet!

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