7 month newsletter

Dearest Baby Bug,

You are now seven months old. That is astounding. This past month has once again been one of many changes and accomplishments.

You officially started crawling this week, followed the same day by you pulling up to a stand on something. You have been able to move around the room by rolling, sitting up then rolling again for about 2 weeks, but Wednesday you just… crawled. I didn’t even get to see the first time. I was getting dressed because we were going to see your grandma, and you were NOT where I put you. Rhayn said she didn’t move you, and so I assumed you must have crawled. So I watched you, and that was what had happened. In fact, you crawl a quite normal crawl. I think that the pulling up actually happened a few days previous to the crawl, but again I thought Rhayn “helped” you up. I am most definitely positive that you can do it now, as I have seen you, more than once, pull to a stand using the coffee table or the dishwasher.

Crawling has caused you a bit of grief today. Twice you found yourself under the coffee table upstairs. Twice you were fine until you tried to come out, and banged your sweet little fuzzy head. It caused crying and fussing. But you are fine, of course.

I am so glad that you are progressing so well, however I was hoping that you would be a nice lump of a baby. You aren’t so much anymore. There is a whole world out there and you are determined to find it, touch it, and taste it.

Today I saw you use a pincher grasp to pick up a piece of lint off of the floor. I was pretty impressed with that.

Food is still a take it or leave it thing with you. Some days you seem interested, and others you could care less. Today, I think you ate 3 bites of carrot baby food. My milk still seems to be your favorite thing. I love that, it really makes me feel useful.

Daddy is very impressed with your imitation skills. He does something and you attempt to mimic him. The other night he was blowing raspberries and you were laughing and then you would blow some, too. It seemed like great fun. I am glad that you like your daddy. I know he is glad, too. You still light up most when I come in the room, especially when daddy lets me go and take a bath (which he does every few days, because I need it.)

Teething is looming on the horizon, ok, its actually here. The past few days you have been pretty miserable. Your bottom gum is slightly swollen and you have been chewing a lot. There has also been a pretty bad case of diarrhea, which caused a bad case of diaper rash. So not only have you been uncomfortable in your mouth, your bottom has also been all red and sore. Poor you.

Once again, your hair is a surprise to me. Rhayn had a large amount of darkish brown fuzz on her head at birth. I remember the nurse pulling it straight out to show how much there was between contractions while she was being born. (I could see it in the mirror.) You however, had very little at birth. Now the hair on your head is course, like “big people hair” and filling in quite nicely. You love to have your head rubbed, it makes you smile. I just wonder where that hair comes from (must be from daddy’s side- somewhere.)

I am still in awe of you, and everything about you. What a gloriously healing person you are for me.

As always,

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