I did it. Its gone. My hair is gone. I made myself go in, I told the lady what I wanted and in just a few minutes it was all over.

I am sad, but at the same time I feel immense relief. I did it, I am not a chicken.

However, I am not going to post the before shots I took. The before makes me a little sad. So maybe someday, just not right now.

*****edited later.
I did donate the bulk to Locks of Love. I got lucky and the place I normally go to get hair cuts does the donations. So score on that!

Earlier this morning I stubbed my pinky toe on the right foot (on our recliner, I was rushing to pick up a fussy baby.) I assumed it would be ok, still a little tender when I went out, but ok. By the time I was done with the haircut and we had gotten a hamburger, it was throbbing. So I drove home. Its swollen to nearly twice its normal size and tingling. Ouch, I am pretty sure I must have broken it.


TLC said...

I want to see the front! You brave girl you!

tif-do said...

Wow, I love it. You look so great, and it went for a good cause.

Mid-life Midwife said...

oooo! v.v. cute! and you have natural curl, yes? lovely! like a flapper! very flattering!
good for you! i hope you are glued to the mirror saying to yourself: "Damn! Who is that in my mirror?..oh yeah,that's right! that's ME!"
(ps. hope your toe heals soon! homeopathic Arnica and hypericum will help)

leaner said...

thanks, i needed it. i needed the cut i needed the praise. its just one of those things that occasionally you just have to do. and it didnt hurt as much cutting it all off when i knew it was going for a good cause.

Alex's Human said...

It's FABULOUS!! What more can I say..

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