6 Months

Dearest Baby Bug,

Today you are officially six months old. I can not believe that I have been holding and feeding you for half a year. Wow.

The things you can do now are amazing. You have made great strides in the active department, and can get nearly anything that is close to you on the floor. Yesterday you even scooted on your butt for a little ways.

You weigh 19 pounds, and are nearly 27 inches long (my calculations, I still haven’t taken you to the doctor since you were 2 weeks old. Although I said I would start that at about 6 months, so you may be getting to that age, I would like to see how much the doctors office weighs you at!)

The best thing you have started doing, is raising your arms to be picked up. Since you were born, I put out my hands and ask you “Do you want to be picked up?” or “Want mama pick you up?” Getting no response from you, I still picked you up. But last week your little hands grabbed mine and you smiled so big that your mouth was just a giant O. Now you reach out when I come near sometimes, you want to be picked up.

You like your daddy now. You reach for him, and the Monday as he was watching you while I made dinner, he was tickling you. He would stand above you and make tickle monster motions, and you laughed, your deep baby laugh, from the gut mixed with the high pitched squeals that your grandpa can’t hear. Daddy did it over and over. The laughter, oh the laughter is great.

For two nights now, you haven’t been sleeping well. Congestion has made it hard for you to eat, and since mama milk is your number one concern, it has been hard for you. Last night I put you to sleep and laid you in the bed. You fussed, rolled yourself over and went back to sleep, only a few minutes later you puked all over yourself without waking up. Joy, the fun of things to come, when you puke is no longer just milk. I do not look forward to your pukefests, that I am sure will be similar to your sister’s and involve lots of holding while the baby pukes all down my back. Yuck. Two weeks ago, I was feeding you and popped you up to my shoulder to burp you and you looked at me as you burped and projectile puked a tiny bit of nearly fresh milk right into my mouth. I think if it had been formula I would have gagged, but it wasn’t, it just tasted sweet.

I look forward to you talking and walking. Rhayn looks forward to you playing with her. She reads you stories and gives you toys. All I can really say is that these past six months have been the best ever. I finally feel complete, knowing that I can nurse a child, and that my milk can sustain a beautiful life. You are truly a blessing.

I love you,
The Mama


dacheese said...

she has clevland in the first pic

leaner said...

yup- more clevland than the mama! you are supposed to be looking at her super cute face in that picture (and the dress that hairball gave her! so cute with the pineapples!)

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