Another Milestone (for mama!)

For the very first time in Bug's short life, I had to leave her at home, while I went out.
I had to go and take my midterm, so it could have been anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. I was so worried, so much so that I stressed about that more than my midterm. I did horribly on the test.

But I made it through leaving the babe at home with daddy. I left him with some pumped milk (which he didn't need, good thing as she just plays with the bottle anyway!) But it was really hard to do!

I think I felt unneeded when I got home, because she wasn't fussing or crying or even noticing that I wasn't there. She did however smile up at me like "See mama, we are all still in one piece!" What was I so afraid of? I do think if I had been gone much longer (like if I had gone to get my haircut afterwards, which I thought about.) It would have been a totally different story.

Oh well, its over and we all survived. My final isn't for a long time, so I can rest the rest of this week, or I could get ahead on my reading... hmmm... procrastinate or get ahead... what to do!


dacheese said...

Welp I did not get ahead if I were you get ahead!

leaner said...

I have it started, printed off the next 3 weeks of work, and now its just a matter of reading through 3 chapters on genentics. I started, at least its getting interesting! (Not like atoms and molecules...)

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