Nursing, and other Joys of life!

I read somewhere that you should take a picture of your baby nursing, from your point of view. Someday you won't remember those little fingers curled that way, or the way she rubbed her head. So take a picture from your view, or think fondly back on that view.

Today I found out a good friend of mine is pregnant "The pill doesn't always work does it?" she typed. I have a pill baby, too. So, no it doesn't (especially when you take antibiotics and stuff like that!) She is excited I know, so am I. Its not a bad thing either, because she is married and has other children. I told her "Yeah, we get to make milk together!" What fun. It just brought back those feelings from a year ago. The joy of seeing that second line, the tenseness when it came back negative at the doctor's office. The fear when I spotted the next weekend. I was so afraid, so sad because I thought I was losing another baby. But here it is, and there she is. A big fat baby, a chunka love, the thing that gives me so much pleasure in life.

The past week Bug has become an eating machine, with marathon nursing all night long. Since we co-sleep its not a big deal, she and I never fully wake up. But it has taken a little toll on my sleep. I feel tired during the day, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. Besides, it would be worse if I were feeding her formula, because I would have to get up and make a bottle. I don't remember how it was with Rhayn, but I know I got a lot less sleep (well not really, because I slept in everyday. I never got up before 10 am, and now I have a hard time sleeping past 8!)

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dacheese said...

I have a couple pictures of Madison nursing also!

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