Back in the Good Ole Days

I am trying to archive old pictures. I took an album of polaroids and am slowly scanning them. It is so important to have these pictures.

Hundreds of pictures of me, me playing, me laughing, me being a kid. Me with short hair, long hair, holding cats, sitting by dogs.

There are pictures of cousins that live far away, pictures of Grandpa, pictures of friends. My mom's bad hairstyles and good ones, halloween costumes that were great, and some that were not so great.

There is one picture that shows a slide, a big metal slide that looks as if it would fall over if you breathed on it wrong, how did we survive our childhood? As adults we fear for the safety of our children, we look at things and deem them unworthy of our child, but we played in the streets as babes, we rode bikes around towns that felt safe, we played in dirt lots and came home covered in mud. There was fun to be had, and we were determined to find it!

These pictures invoke a spirit long lost, one of carefree feelings and early loves.


tif-do said...

Do you have pictures of us playing in the mud covered from head to toe in that slimy farm mud. I've never let my kids play like that in the mud, Now I'm thinking why not?

leaner said...

I don't have one, maybe Gramma does?
Someday we want to scan all of Gramma's pics, then we will have everything. Including the only known pic of Val in a dress. (I am sure there are some from her younger days... I have a nice one that says "I are a graduate" of her. I have LOTS of nice pictures you you and I from a trip to CA.)

leaner said...

I think we don't let our kids play in the mud like that because we have to clean the house, and its the grandparents job to let the kids get that dirty! (and Rhayn does, she gets filthy at abenanna's house!)

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