Throughout Rhayn's infancy there was never a sleeping schedule. She didn't seem to need one. I think its only be in the past year that we have gotten her into a go to bed at certain time and up about the same time everyday. Her schedule is not really set in stone either.

Bug, she was born with a sleeping schedule. She gets grumpy when it gets messed up. Hopefully it remains this way, with her fitting into a sleep schedule.

I know that in the morning, I will wake up, pick Bug up and change her diaper. Then we will talk and play for a few hours. She will take a nap around 10 am, and if I am lucky sleep for an hour or more. She wakes up and plays until mid-afternoon (sometime around 1-3) and then its back to sleep. Bedtime is usually around 9:30. Its awesome. These are not exact times, she sometimes stays up until 10, and other days takes her naps later. She also has a few cat naps during the day, while I hold her.

I need a schedule, a time I go to bed and a time that I wake up. I feel more alert when I get a regular amount of sleep. I love starting my day early and feel more ready for the day and even get more done when I get up at 7 versus 8. Its strange. I know that I am that type of person, even though I never was before. I am so not the squiggly line I once was. My true color personality has changed immensely since having children. I can't remember what I am, but I know its changed, because my mom has given me that test a few times, once before kids and once after Rhayn.

I think that lately I have been totally obsessing with myself, who I am, and what I want out of life. I haven't drawn up the "me" chart yet. The one where you draw a circle and write "ME" in the middle then write all of the things in your life that are important and things you want to accomplish all around "ME" and then draw lines to the most important ones, and try to figure out which are the most appropriate goals for today. Never drawn one? Hm? I have for as long as I can remember. They fill my journal from high school, nearly every big decision in my life was made using one. It is my thoughts, a brain storm. I think I learned it when I was in the gifted program during 2nd through 8th grade.

So what am I trying to say here? I don't know and that scheduled nap is over, so I must get back to being a mom. I love that, I love being the mom to these sweet children.


TLC said...

I was just thinking this morning how other people would go crazy in our house w/ our sleep schedule. The boys have NEVER gone to bed at a certain time if we are not in our beds. Oh -- we have tried to get them to bed at a certain hour and they would be yelling, "are you coming to bed yet?" at us for hours. So, now if one of us migrates upstairs, everyone will follow and end up in our room until we finally say "lights out boys!" or just kick them out. Oh well, it's what works for us but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

You are on the right course per our conversation the other day. You are in motion! I'm rooting for you!

leaner said...

I know that Bug's schedule has given us all a schedule. Its weird. I didn't mind not having that with Rhayn, but now that she is getting older, I think she needs it more. Plus if she goes to bedearly enough then there is a chance that Will and I will get some time alone.
Ah--- alone time!

I know that as long as Rhayn gets 8-10 hours of sleep she is good. She has never been a napper either, when she was a baby even!

abeNanna said...

Actually your color was blue then gold. Blue is the compassionate, loving, caring side of you. The part that makes you such a good mom. The gold part is list-making, organized, and yes scheduled part of you. I thought you would be orange- fun loving party girl. But then what do I know?

You haven't changed as much as you think. You may not be a leader, but you also are NOT a follower. You have always been a unique personality. The squiggly line is your creative self, not gone, but buried by the other things that you have to take care of right now. That squiggly line rears it's head often in the clothes you choose, the way you decorate your home, the pictures you paint.

leaner said...

I guess you are right, mom. I can feel the "squigglies" sneaking out occasionally. I felt it earlier, but had to suppress it.

Maybe that is the thing missing from my life the most. Maybe if I let the squiggly side of me out more, I would feel more fulfilled?

Hmmmm, its worth a try! (maybe I need to dye my hair pink again while I am at it! wink wink!)

dacheese said...

dye it that purty purple!!!!

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