short or long....that is the question!

I am having a hard time NOT cutting my hair off right now. I love my hair. I love the length and the texture and the color... however I don't have time to deal with it. My hair is curly and it is nappy and since having Bug its falling out a little.

I spend 90% of my time with it in a pony tail or bun, and I can't remember when I washed it last! (Saturday- I think?!) Here is a picture of a rare moment with it down while chilling around the house.

I know that I look nice with short hair, too. My personal favorite being a "pixie" haircut about 1-2 inches long (Think Jamie Lee Curtis --- it looks like we even share a birthday! However this isn't the best picture and not the exact hairstyle I was looking for- it was the best website without a million popups even Firefox couldn't stop!) Will has mentioned that I should cut it because he likes it short as well as long.

So --- dilemma! What to do...? I keep telling myself that I will not cut it until Jesse and Stacey's wedding, but will that happen? Its just been so frustrating lately. I am worried that I will be depressed if I cut it off because I have had a few dreams where I did and I woke up sad, but also because it has taken almost 5 years to get it to this length. It is such a hard decision to make, so I guess I should just wait and see how I feel in a few months? I think I need some advice!


TLC said...

I think you looked AWESOME with short hair. 'member when you and grams came over to our little apt. that one time in mesa? I LOVED your haircut it was perfect. I'm in the same dilemma - so badly want to cut it but too afraid of not liking it. The last time I chopped my hair off I didn't realize how THICK it was and I looked like my lil brother. I have a picture in mind but I know it won't look like that on me because of how thick it is. The other part of me is saying, "it's just hair - it will grow back - have fun!" So, to you I say those things. It's proven that you look really good with short hair and you can totally pull it off.

leaner said...

thanks- i actually have a picture of you with short hair- its the only picture (print) that I have of you. I thought you looked nice, but i love love love your long hair- i was so envious of it at the family reunion, because mine was at a crap point (that is the problem with cutting it all off- you have to grow back through those crap points!) i was totally hating my hair then.

it is just hair- you are right- it will totally grow back.

TLC said...


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