Come on Come on

So what can I do to start labor?
Nipple stimulation, long walks, spicy foods, sex...

I wonder if any of those will work for me, and if not what can I try next. Its not that I am in a hurry to not be pregnant any more, I am just worried that a.) she will turn again and be breech and b.) my fluid level was a little low, so that is not good. (it was on the "low end of normal" according to the nurse at the hospital.)
As for the fluid level, the midwife has given me instructions to drink LOTS of water (more than usual- this means LOTS, like gallons!) and to sit in the bath for 30 mins 2-3 times today. I should be peeing at least every half hour.
I am to repeat that tomorrow.

Thursday I have yet another ultrasound scheduled, to check the fluid level. So once again I will be leaving the house. I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay home. I keep hoping that I will go into labor so that I will not have to go any where for at least a few days!

I am looking at the O/B Ultrasound order that Midwife sent me. Last time the place hadn't received it, and had to call her. So this time she sent it to them AND me. I am tired of this, I am tired of having to be checked for these things. I want to relax and get ready for her birth- instead of worrying- which I know is NOT helping! So what can I do to relax?

I guess I will go sit in the bath for 30 minutes, then take a nap. Its going to be another long monotonous evening.

This website has some helpful information...


dacheese said...

yes the Doc told me to have sex daily. ewwww;-)

leaner said...

At least you have someone- I mean when I was pg with Rhayn, the dr was telling me to go home and "get busy." I was like- who am I supposed to be getting busy with? Really- I mean we had just talked about the dad not being there.
I am SOOOOOOOOOO Glad to have Will this time.

dacheese said...

well you have him this time! I GOT A DIAPER GENIE!! Scotts aunt Jen didnt ever really use hers so she gave it to me. She is the one that was pregnant at my baby shower! It is 12 and scott just fell asleep I guess I should get to sleep also! I am going visiting teaching tom. for the first time!!

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