Its done

That was the MOST painful awful thing I have ever been through!
But it worked and baby is head down and everything looks good.

We got up and headed out to the hospital at 6:45. They admitted me, like I was going to be having a baby. I got set up on the monitors. They checked to make sure she was still breech, which she was.
The midwife arrived and was back-up support for Will and I. I am glad she was there, because I wanted someone who would tell me when the doctors/nurses were being silly. She is so reassuring to me.
I was given an epidural and tributaline (to relax the uterus.) They didn't wait long enough for the epi to really take effect, because it only numbed my left side. As with Rhayn, the epi made me feel so light headed, because my blood pressure dropped very low. I had ringing in my ears and for a few minutes I thought I was going to pass out.
The doctor came in and they lubed up my belly with the ultrasound jelly. They checked the babe's position.
Then the pain started.
Will said it looked like they were kneading dough. All I know is that I had the midwife saying "Breathe- deep in through the nose, out through the mouth" as she held my left hand. The nurse was holding my right hand. Will was stroking my hair and it actually helped immensely, but I know it was very hard for him. It didn't hurt too much on the left side, but every time he moved her on the right I felt like I was being ripped apart. The doctor tried turning her counter-clockwise and she wouldn't go. So he tried the other way, and finally she was head down.
The anesthesiologist had put more epidural medication in, close to the end of it. So my left side was so very numb. My right side was still "there."
The midwife had me pull my legs up, into a sort of a squat, to get the baby's head wedged in there.
Later on the ultrasound tech came in and checked everything out. She wasn't extremely responsive (duh- pump a baby full of drugs and expect her to wiggle around? Right....) so we held the phone up to her head and the nurse called it. It did make her jump a bit. Her heart rate was good.
We had a sort of "scare" when he came across something that looked vaguely penis like. It turned out to be her hand, in the hitchhiker position. (Whew, we have way too much pink!!!)
We were able to watch her for about 20 minutes, but she was out- those drugs... I was pretty much out of it, too. I could have fallen asleep.
She was monitored for a bit longer, and I was able to watch myself have a few pretty nice contractions. Hopefully those will really startup and get going before this stubborn little girl has a chance to go back head up!
At 10:15 or so we were released and came home.
I took a nap, and am feeling like I truck hit me. I ache in places I don't know why ache! Oh well, it will all be worth it since I can now have her at home, in the safety of my own home!


TLC said...

AWESOME! Okay, now I can put in my predictions as Crispin tears apart the newspaper and throws each page in different directions....okay I say Oct. 6 and i want her to weigh a pretty good size like 7# 2oz. Bri - well i say oct 1 and 8# even.
keep me posted! I hope she stays head down and you recover from your soreness!

leaner said...

You really don't like me,huh? LOL- the 6th?! That is still WEEKS away!!! I am thinking this week! Come on... I can handle that weight- but to be pregnant (and give her a chance to flip again!) for 2 more full weeks! AH!!

TLC said...

I'm just going on the moxie of that baby girl! If she has the moxie to be head up at 38 weeks, she may take her sweet time coming out! I meant to say her # 7.12

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