16 weeks

Man, where have I been? I have been out of it for some long. Thank goodness the sickness haze is lifting and I am feeling like a human again!
I can feel my baby kicking away in there its the most awesome feeling in the world! I LOVE it- and its all for me, because no one else can tell yet- no one else can feel him/her yet!
My sister is getting married next weekend. I can't believe she is and it is fun being pregnant with her. We get to talk about things like feeling the baby move and I get to tell her all about my hemorrhoid! HAHA! I hope she is spared, but she probably won't be. I haven't had another outbreak of those again, I am trying really hard to avoid them as they are so miserable!
School is going really well, too. I did so well on my Psychology exam that I want to celebrate. I got a 92, which is AWESOME after my 70 on the last one.
Then there is my Biology class, I am NOT doing well on exams in there, the last 2 were 68. not failing but it feels like it to me. Less then 70 is below what is acceptable to me. I need to buckle down and try harder in there.

The weather had been nice and hot, we are in the 90s- bam with in a few days 70s to 90s. yuck. Its hot and I feel it so much more. when you are pregnant there is so much more blood running through your body that you feel hot all of the time and add 90- 120 degree temps! AH! I am getting a membership at somewhere with a pool this summer, I will need it to cool off and I want Rhayn to take swim lessons.

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