I posted a big long post last week after my first official appointment with my midwife and BAM its lost in cyberspace.
Oh well.
Basically when I went in she was unable to locate the heartbeat. So she had me come back a few days later (which was yesterday) She and her student midwife worked together, Pam held my uterus still so he couldn't wiggle away as he was doing the other day while Robin (student) used the Doppler to listen. When they finally got him on there it was pretty loud (they had kept getting little tidbits of his heart) but he moved a little and when they found him again it was REALLY loud and BEAUTIFUL! It filled my eyes with tears, because now I am so sure he is ok. I will have a tiny little bundle of love in September! It was so awesome, I know at the ultrasound I was happy, but this well this was the best feeling I have had so far!
Maybe it has something to do with me feeling better and not being sick all day. I still feel a little sick, but mostly I am feeling on top of the world! ALL HAIL the second trimester! (next week!)
My sister is coming over today, it will be fun to spend some time with her, hopefully she is feeling better, too!
My mom told me that she can't relax until October. I asked her why- well 1. Bri's wedding will be long gone. 2. she will have 2 new grandbabies! 3. her contract at work will be re-negotiated. so everything that is stressing her out will be "all over" be October (mid to late) I can't believe that Bri and I will have babies the same age! I think this is really going to draw us even closer! I really hope that someday Rhayn has a sister and can have a "built in friend" in her! :)

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