10 weeks and counting

Well its been a few weeks since i wrote anything. so I thought I would do a quick update.
Everything is going well, I finally picked a midwife and am very happy with my choice. She just feels so right to me. I was talking to some of the birth circle ladies and they said if you "feel" that go with her. Both of them used this midwife for one of their children, the one is 19 weeks pregnant and is going with the other woman I was was considering. I really liked her- but Pam just fits ME better. I think this will be a good relationship!

Rhayn is still getting on my nerves quite often. I just feel like screaming at her. I really hate myself for feeling so short tempered with her! It is awful... but I know it will go away.

I think that Will and I are feeling better with each other now. We have been talking more. I think its because I have been feeling better lately so I am not laying on the couch feeling like I am going to die all of the time.

I am getting excited about the baby. I worry about how Rhayn will feel, but I know that after the initial shock she will LOVE being a big sister!

Sunday is Rhayn's birthday. She'll be 4 yrs old! I can not believe that she has been here for that long! Wow!

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