more time passes

Yet another Friday and all I want to do is sleep (and go and get Pasand... mmmmm Indian food... curry chutney ohhhhhhhhhhh) I think I will email Will and have him meet me there for dinner. I really want to go! (I can tell him I am treating him since I have been paid today!)

Last night was a birth circle, it was about interventions. I really would like to have an unassisted birth, but as of yet I don't really feel confident enough. Still having a midwife attended homebirth. I feel so empowered whenever I get done with one of those meetings I love listening to women talk of their experiences- both good and bad.

I want to educate more women- I talk to my friend Starla, I actually want her there when I am in labor (I wonder if she'll be my strength.?) I wonder how she would feel being there? Who knows its still so far away since I am not even pregnant yet (that I know of ;))
I should go to the bank and drop off some library books.

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