its another day

Its been a few days since I wrote anything. Not a lot has happened. I am still watching 2 boys and did a favor for a friend (watched her 4 yr old also) so I am pretty beat!
Tonight is the birth circle meeting. I love going to that. It is so invigorating (as well as empowering!)
I am on cycle day 16 I think which doesn't mean much since my periods are not regular in any way! I have taken pg tests, because I am an addict (lol but its so true!) Negative, its still early and I bet I am not, as my breasts hurt and I am feeling more like my period will be here soon. :( Oh well there is always next month! I would like an October baby (get pregnant in Jan/Feb) I don't really want an August baby, but I am not going to be picky. We will get pregnant when the time is right........

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