i am awful

I hate how I felt the other day. It was all so stupid! I am using my new computer, and you know what? Its awesome! I am not on Will's computer, so I can set it up how I want it! I don't have to use Firefox (Internet Browser) IF I don't want to.

I don't know what my issue really was, well I do. But this was such a thoughtful gift and I can't believe how I reacted to it.

OK, enough of that. The past 2 days have been so great. DH and I have gotten along so well that its nice having him home. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd day I want him back at work. Maybe its because he has so much work to do... he is keeping busy and is not getting bored. He even threw out some trash (shocking... like he went through some boxes that hadn't been unpacked from our move...and trashed some old computer parts, finally.)

Today I am either having some severe allergies or coming down with a cold... yuck either way. I am almost hoping for a cold. I like being sick a little. It makes me not feel so badly when I am dozing on the couch. Its miserable right now, I am in between times to take decongestant. I am just waiting for 2 more hours... yuck. I am almost totally stuffed up in the left nostril I couldn't breathe out of it this morning....

We are going geocaching with my mom and dad this afternoon. That will be fun! :) I LOVE geocaching. I was going to buy Will a GPS for Christmas, but decided that it would be for me, not him. Since I enjoy it more than he does (and I seem to have more time for it...lol) I think he likes it when he has gone... but I want to go more... I am more addicted. lol.

Our anniversary is in 2 months. I want to go to the Painted desert and maybe petrified forest. He's never been there. I need to see if there is somewhere to stay. The other thing we could do is go to the Grand Canyon. But its not exciting to me... unless we hike it, and if I am pregnant by then- I will NOT want to hike! We'll see. I am going to look into hotels and stuff around Painted Desert. I would like to go to an indian ruin, Rhayn wants to go to Mesa Verde and see the "castles" but that is quite a drive. I wonder if I can get him to take some time off? yeah right... and I will have school. It needs to be only 2-3 days.

Well I should get dressed.

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