I'm overwhelmed again. Not sleeping. Freaking out over little things. Trying my hardest to stay on top of things and failing miserably. Finally feeling a little better after a long drawn out illness, but mentally broken from it.

I need a break. I can't take one. I need a moment to myself, it won't happen.
I'm cold, I'm tired, I'm having a hard time keeping myself going.

I'm worried about my oldest.
I'm worried about my health.
I'm worried about...
I'm worried...


It'll get better. That's the great thing about having been through this before, I know I've day I'll wake up and this strange scary image stuck in my head will be gone. The tears that can't seem to fall with evaporate. I'll breath again. And I'll laugh. And I'll feel good.

And this will be a distant memory.

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